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  MAR Flora
Adresse Schlaiffmillen ateliers d'artistes, 10 rue Godchaux, L-1643 Luxembourg
Date de naissance 1956
Nationalité luxembourgeoise
E-mail floramar@pt.lu
Site Internet www.floramar.eu
My purpose in Youkobo is to pick up one of my ongoing series - LES FLEURS DU MAL- in order to face a so far unresolved paradox in my artistic practice: the aesthetics in the evil.
The anticipation of this first stay in Japan and my recent work on topics like WABI-SABI and TANTRIC PAINTINGS will hopefully bring me further. I want to abandon the Western canon of perfect beauty as well as the moral boundaries acting as barriers to the question of beauty.
My idea is to work with the Koch bacillus as primary aesthetic form - the Youkobo building having been a former sanatorium for tuberculosis.
I plan to use my studio as a lab for drawing, dripping and inking studies on this topic.

Études spécialisées:
sciences naturelles, arts, psychanalyse

2020 – Les Pionnières, 4 portraits d'artistes, Neimënster Luxembourg
2019 – Daughter, Cecil's box Cercle Cité, Luxembourg
2015 – Fleurs du mal, the Power of Seduction, Tokyo, Luxembourg Embassy
2014 – Mapping the Dark, Galerie Nei Liicht, Dudelange
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