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  WURTH Hubert
Address Hubert Wurth lived in Luxembourg (L), Aix en Province and Paris (FR), again in Luxembourg, then Moscow (USSR), The Hague (NL), New York NY (USA), Paris (FR) London (UK) and Vienna in Austria.
Presently he lives in Wormeldange, Luxembourg.
Birth date Born April 15 1952 in Luxembourg
Nationality luxemburgish
E-mail info@wurthhubert.com
Website www.wurthhubert.com
Instagram hubertwurthartist
Autodidact painter and artist
1966 First abstract graffiti
1973 Incentive Award at the Biennale des jeunes artistes luxembourgeois, in Esch-sur-Alzette (L)
1984 First participation in the « Salon du Cercle artistique » in Luxembourg
1985 Since 1985 participations in collective exhibitions and solo exhibitions
2004 Cofounder of the 'Edward Steichen Award Luxembourg' and chairman until 2016, member of the board since then
Since 2016 Hubert Wurth is also a member of the board of Mudam (Musée d'art moderne Fondation Grand Duc Jean de Luxembourg)
Since early 2018 he is a member of the board of CAL (Cercle artistique de Luxembourg)

Most recent exhibitions:
2015 Exposition in Laxenburg (Austria) in July 2015 in the framework of the Future Earth Symposium organized by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
2016 Kunst Forum Wien, Bank Austria, participation
2017 Exhibition at Roman Fecik Gallery in Bratislava
2017 Exhibition in the 'Museumspavillon' of the City of Salzburg , Austria
2017 Exhibition in Mediart Gallery , participation
2018 Exhibition in the gallery space of Wallis Paragon in Luxembourg
2019 solo exhibition in Gallery Schlassgoart in Esch/Alzette in Luxembourg
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